Getting dumped is something that can deal everybody a blow. When a breakup comes to be and the two partners part ways frustration and anger engulfs them. There are people who say that they really don’t know what happened that they had to breakup with their boyfriend, some people know exactly or they think they know what transpired that led to the final separation. For whatever reason a lady will need to know how to get your ex girlfriend back. Here are some basic rules that a person will need to follow when working to get their ex back.

Before embarking on getting your ex back, you will need to evaluate the situation to establish first whether you really need her back in your life. This will be done by comparing the pros and the cons that she comes with. The other thing that will help you determine whether you need her back is whether you really love her even if she is dating someone else. After seeing that the answers to the above questions are both yes then it is time to start working into how to get your ex girlfriend back.

The first rule is to sit down and think everything over. Rule of the thumb is to not contact her for some weeks. The need for this is given by several answers which include that if the breakup happened yesterday or a few days ago, the likelihood that she has not changed her mind or that she is still mad are very high. The other reason is that you aren’t in that emotional state to be able to see things differently than when you were breaking up. Still, this is the perfect time for a person to think over what exactly led to the break up. By establishing the real cause of the breakup then chances of using the right method to reconnect with an ex become much better.

The other trick that a person should work on when looking into how to get your ex girlfriend back is by actively acting on the things that led to the breakup. If you were having bad habits like being a drunkard, a cheat or anything else that she didn’t approve and which led to her moving away, act and be good. While acting on your persona, make it known to her, even though not directly, that you are actually working hard to make yourself better. This will make her curious such that at the time you make contact she will have no reason not to come back.

Try moving on with life such that after the non communication time is over you will somehow start a mature relationship. The first contacting method should be mild and preferably a text or a letter. By not acting clingy she when will appreciate that you have changed and you are actually moving on. when looking into how to get your ex girlfriend back, it is important that you bear in mind that every situation is different and that you are actually the person who knows her best thus it is you in control. Use these tips to improve your chances of getting her back.