In every relationship, assuming it’s based on real life, there is bound to be some ups and downs. A couple will fight and then reunite. There are times that the relationship just hits rock bottom and there is a split. A breakup is what many people especially for those who think or know that they are in a stable relationship wouldn’t wish to face. In fact for the people who are in relationships, they will from time to time keep wondering how it would be if they broke up. After a breakup, you will need to use various or a solid tactic on how to get your ex back. Here are some of the tricks that a person can employ when looking forward to getting their ex back. It is however important to take note of the fact that every person acts differently in different situations and these are just general tips.

  1. The first thing that a person will need to ask themselves is what really caused the breakup in the first place. By understanding what brought about the breakup, a person is in a better passion to approach their ex. Some of the questions to ask oneself in trying to determine the reason for the breakup include; were both of you abusive? Was one of you cheating in the relationship? Was there over possessiveness, use of abusive language or sabotage in the relationship? Some of the causes of breakups need time to be analyzed and it is important that a person sits down and take time to see and determine what exactly was the cause of the breakup.

  2. The other thing will be to determine whether after a breakup whether you really need to go through all the tricks and learning of ways into how to get your ex back. It is worth to get back with an ex who maybe brought more heartache than love around? There are some breakups that a person will be glad that they actually did breakup or they were dumped by their ex. It is important that a person fully establishes if they are willing to get their ex back.

  3. When looking for a way to getting back with an ex after a break up, it is imperative that a person evaluates just how the breaking up happened. Was there violence, was it dramatic, or was it slow? And so on. The reason for determining all these is to get a strategy that is sure proof to help you on how to get your ex back successfully. It is at this stage that a person will need to explore the character of their ex.

  4. After establishing all the above issues that led to the breaking up of the relationship, a person will then come up with the best possible strategy. Oftentimes, a person should desist from contacting their ex if it has been just days after the breakup. A person should however know that there is no enough time and while she or he will be grieving, angry, confused or hibernating after the breakup, it is important to know just when to try contacting them. A week of course would be too soon and none of the parties is likely to have a different perspective about the relationship other than the one they had at the time of the breakup.

  5. When it comes to the actual acting on how to get your ex back, you will need to act the person that the ex first fell in love with. This means that the clothes that you used to wear which were flashy and which made him smile should come back into play. As for the man, if the body has gone to being flabby and at the time of starting the relationship he was all macho, then this will be a good thing to do. Moreover, the working on looking good helps a person to divert their attention from their grief.

  6. Send a text message that is harmless. Maybe the ex has moved on and they are dating someone else. It is therefore important that a person when texting them just includes messages that much as they are harmless on the face value, they really have a deep meaning. There could be a word or words that you as a couple were using and when used now they will have a meaning and rekindle the love that was share.

  7. Having a date with an ex is quite normal and common provided the date is treated as that; just a date. When it comes to how to get your ex back, rekindling the love that you both shared will be very easy if you make the date to be at your favorite restaurant that you used to have good times before you broke up. When going for such a date, you can wear a favorite dress that your ex loved and which you are sure will make them feel good. During such a date, no serious talk should be made. This is to avoid looking desperate. You should act in a manner that you have moved on but you still do miss the person and even love them. Showing that you are stable will definitely make the other person regard you seriously and want to be with you.

  8. If even after breaking up the ex lives in the neighborhood or just around, the tactic can be different. Some people say that the jealousy card works. This is when you flirt with another person to make the ex feel good. while this has been tried by many people, it is definitely not the way to go about the whole thing if at all you care about your ex and want to know how to get your ex back.

  9. While a breakup is a really trying to both the parties time if a relationship was serious, it is imperative that when working into how to get your ex back that you give yourself a project that will be diverting your attention, or at least some of it. Going to the gym, traveling and reading a book are some of the popular ways to keeping your mind from the breakup. More than this, it is always good to know that no situation is hopeless.

  10. Every other day couples get back together irrespective of the time they have been separated and the situation they are in. it is therefore good to be always positive.