Breakups are definitely not what a person expects when they think they have found their soul mate. However, life has its ups and downs and sometimes breakups are bound to come to be. There are very many people who will talk of how to get your ex boyfriend back but it all depends on you. You are the best person who knows what your relationship with your ex meant and what it would mean were you to be given a chance. There are several tips that a person can employ to get their ex. These tips involve understanding men in general and some basic psychology. Here are some of the tricks that a person can employ. It is however important that a person knows their ex really good before employing any of the tips.

After a big fight that leads to a breakup or after a couple decides that it is over, there will be a lot of distress which will follow. During this time, it could be that it is you who caused the breakup. For whatever reason the breakup came about either because you are the cause or he is the cause, you will fist need to evaluate what actually was the cause of the breakup. While there might have been a big fight that presumably led to the breakup, you will need to scourge through the relationship and establish what it is that exactly led to the demise of the relationship.

After knowing the cause of the end of the relationship, you will now need to act in to how to get your ex boyfriend back in earnest if at all after the self evaluation you find that he are worth being in your life. For some weeks there shouldn’t be any contact. In most cases both parties are in turmoil and are still hurting from the break. Trying to revive it too soon might even make you drift further.

If it is a problem of yours that caused the breakup such as drinking, smoking or any other trait that you have control of, it is at this time when you are not communicating that you will need to be working on. Working into being the perfect you in terms of fitness and looking good would be a good starting point. Change the wardrobe so that you feel good about yourself. By all means, try to move on; in fact look for something to do that will keep your mind occupied.

After the non communication period has lapsed which should be a few weeks, it will be time to working into how to get your ex boyfriend back physically. The non communication period is just a time that you need to give yourself. Depending on how you know your ex, this time can be a week, a month or even two. Just bear in mind that the longer you wait the higher the chances of him slipping through your fingers.

Communicate him in a subtle way like sending a message. This is how to get your ex boyfriend back that works in all instances. If you often bump into each other, wear a dress that he used to love when you were a couple. If he is positive to your not too mild approach, you can suggest for a date. The date can take place in a restaurant that you both liked.